Thursday, July 28, 2011

James Yap, Roger Yap and Peter Jun Simon may Not Play Today Because of Injury

One of the most fearful things to happen to any basketball team is to get stung by the injury bug. Sad to say, this is one of the dillemas of the B-meg Derby Ace llamados is facing this conference.

As  B meg's key players ,Kerby Raymundo, Rico Maierhoper and Jonas Villanueva are being sidelined because of their rampant injuries. Yesterday, 3 more llamados were not seen in the team’s practice. Complaining about their minor injuries,   James Yap, Peter Jun Simon and Roger Yap were unable to attend to the said practice.

Jonas Villanueva’s yesterdays tweet said “Please pray 4 our game tom vs TnT. Roger Yap may not be able to play because of a sprained right ankle. Good thing though we got josh now, yeah! :)”

Meanwhile, up to now, there were still no updates or confirmation if the 3 bmeg players could play or not. Let us just all pray that they will play for tonight’s game. 

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  1. ,go,go,,go bmeg..kayang kya nyo yn!!!idol q kau....