Sunday, August 28, 2011

B-Megs Pick, Brian Ilad of DLSU

a little information about B-meg Derby Ace Llamados this year rookie pick, Brian Ilad

WHO wants to be like Brian?
For the sake of his teammates, he just sacrificed his remaining college basketball career.
Just like what happened to Green Archers forward Brian Ilad in thier game against UE, when he gave rugged forward Mark Fampulme of University of the East a cheap shot by punching him a the head during the first quarter of their game.
I know, you won’t do it, unless maybe somebody provoked you. In this incident, I can say Brian did not think first before making that wrong move. It wasn’t actually Brian that started it.
Rico Maierhofer of La Salle gave Mark Borboran a hard foul and Fampulme approached Rico near the La Salle bench then Ilad suddenly punched Fampulme.
Ilad said: “I’m just trying to protect my teammates.”
Anyway, my dearest boss Al Mendoza, an ex-sports editor in Manila Bulletin, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Chronicle, always tell me this short advice every time we have our discussion.
There are three kinds of human beings in this green, green world one is a genius, the others are practical and stupid.
A genius is the kind who never thinks before they act. But, still, gets the correct idea or outcome from his actions because he is after all intelligent.
A practical person thinks first before making any move. Because he is aware of the consequences.
A stupid person is the kind that never thinks, neither the consequences. He just talks and acts without thinking.
I’m sure you have your own opinion on which category Bryan belongs to when he punch Fampulme.
Brian Ilad, a transferee from Philippine College of Criminology, is a versatile player who also played internationally when he was still a member of the RP-Youth team coached by Johnny Tam.
Brian, 22, technically out for the season, was just carried away by his emotions.
He already apologized to Fampulme, to the UE community, the UAAP and La Salle. But, still, the UAAP board of trustees and technical committee imposed a five-game suspension against him. Ilad played 13 games this year, averaging 4.2 points and 4.2 rebounds
Since this is his last year of eligibility in college basketball, it means that his short stint in the UAAP is also over because he played several seasons in the Colleges and Universities Sports Association (CUSA). This is his first and last year in the UAAP.
Under UAAP rules, a player is eligible for only five playing years or until he turns 24- year-old. For transferee players, his previous playing years with other leagues are counted, along with the one-year residency.
But I’m very grateful to Ilad because he accepted the punishment without question.
He is willing to publicly apologize. I’m hopefull that this incident will be a lesson to him. And by the way, Brian’s basketball career is not yet over. He can still play in the PBL to pursue his PBA dreams. Just be true, good and competitive.

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