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Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados vs Shopinas Clikers Tune up games Photos

Sept. 29, 2011,Won over Shopinas in their Tune up games, 83-73.  Here are the photos uploaded by Jerwin Gaco fan page

Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados Muse; Rhian Ramos

Every year, teams display the beauties of their muses in the opening ceremony of the PBA.This year, B-meg Derby Ace Llamados opted to choose the angelic looking, Rhian Ramos

Here are   the list muses of the other teams in the upcoming opening ceremony. Except  which kept it a secret.

Alaska: Actress-model Bubbles Paraiso

B-MEG: Actress Rhian Ramos

Barako Bull: Filipino-German model Helga Krapf

Barangay Ginebra: Actress-model Solenn Heussaff

Meralco: Bb. Pilipinas International 2011 Dianne Necio and Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Tourism Isabella Manjon

Petron Blaze: Miss World Philippines 2011 1st Princess Helen Nicolette Henson, 2nd Princess Martha
Chloe McCully and Miss Photogenic Samantha Neville Purvor

Powerade: Actress Maricar Reyes

Rain or Shine: Miss Earth Philippines-Fire 2011 Michelle Gavagan Actress-singer Iya Villania

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Bmeg Derby Ace llamados Line Up in the PBA (official)

37th Season Line-Up of B-meg Derby Ace Llamados

Here are the list of B-meg Derby Ace Llamados Lineup in 37th Season of the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association )

Team Manager - Alvin patrimonio

Head Coach - Earl timothy Cone
Assistant Coaches
Enrico Banal
Richard Del rosario
Jeffrey Cariaso
Johnny Abarientos
Dayong Mendoza


Jonas Vilanueva 
Paul Rico Maierhorper 
Joshua Urbiztondo 
Andy Mark barroca 
Rafi Reavis 
Peter June Simon
Roger Yap
Marc Pingris
James Yap
Jerwin Gaco
Kerby Raymundo
Joe Devance
Hubert John Ferriols
Val Acuna

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B-meg's Star Player James Yap Will be Unstopable , Said Tim Cone

MANILA, Philippines - Newly designated B-Meg coach Tim Cone said yesterday Derby Ace hotshot James Yap will thrive in the triangle system that he’s installing with the Llamados in the PBA this season and if the former MVP plays according to form, the King could be unstoppable.

“James will be a good fit for the triangle,” said Cone. “He’d be great in any system because he’s so skilled but I believe the triangle will give him a bit of unpredictability because teams won’t be able to load up and anticipate when he’s getting the ball. Because defenses won’t be as alert to him, James will get better looks and won’t be manhandled physically as much. If he can really buy into the system, then I think the sky is the limit for him.”

Cone said he did a lot of soul-searching before deciding to leave Alaska, which he coached for 22 years, but when it came to choosing his next destination, B-Meg was the perfect choice.

“We developed such tremendous relationships at Alaska – with the players, the staff, (team manager) Joaqui (Trillo) and of course, most importantly, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Uytengsu,” said Cone. “They were more than just co-workers or employers. They were family, and in the case of Mr. and Mrs. Uytengsu, they were mentors and intimate friends. And without a doubt, those relationships were the hardest to let go in the move. There were certainly some tears involved on our side.”

As for B-Meg, Cone said he did his homework and considered other options but in the final analysis, there could be no other team to join. “When it came down to it, the player personnel of the team was just a good fit for me,” said Cone. “They’re a veteran group, and who would not want to coach James and a healthy Kerby Raymundo? It’s funny, when the rumors of my move came out, everyone was speculating I would go to B-Meg because I guess they saw it as the logical destination, and they ended up being right. Just goes to show how knowledgeable our fans are in the PBA.”

Cone said coaching against Alaska will probably be a strange feeling at first. “I’m going to try to make it as normal a game as I can for the players and hopefully not let them get distracted, but of course for me, there’s going to be a lot nerves and emotion,” he continued. “You can’t just get away from the ties and relationships that you built over 22 years that easy.”

Alaska, however, won’t be Cone’s only headache as he listed the “usual suspects” in assessing the opposition in the Philippine Cup that opens on Sunday. “Talk ‘N’ Text, of course, will be tougher, now with Japeth (Aguilar),” he noted. “Petron has gotten even stronger with (Chris) Lutz and the return of Dondon (Hontiveros), and there’s Ginebra. Alaska will obviously post great problems for us. Then Rain or Shine, Meralco, or Barako could be the darkhorse. Powerade with their new additions could be a real surprise. And then you have to imagine that Shopinas will pull up the rear as they develop their franchise.”

Cone said B-Meg’s depth will be a major advantage. “Our strength is we have great players and our weakness is we have great players,” he went on. “The great players bring so much to the table and that’s great but also great players have the habit of wanting to do everything on their own. I have a disciplined system that I’m bringing with me and I’m going to have to sell it to these great players and see if they’ll let the system work for them. That is a bigger challenge than most believe.”

With his former Alaska quarterback Johnny Abarrientos as an assistant, Cone said he has the model mentor for rookie Mark Barroca. “The triangle isn’t necessarily a point guard-driven offense although having saying that, the guys who excelled the best for Alaska in our system were two very ‘true’ point guards in Johnny and L. A. (Tenorio),” he explained. “We’re incredibly deep in the point guard position and there’s going to be a lot of competition in that position for playing time. Saying all that, I’m very, very high on Mark. He reminds me very much of our very own Johnny who will spend time mentoring him and I think he’s going to be a star in this league.”

Barroca will share point guard chores with Josh Urbiztondo, Roger Yap and injured Jonas Villanueva who won’t be available until the second conference.

In the frontline, Cone said he’ll make use of the length and quickness of Rafi Reavis and Marc Pingris. “Joe (De Vance) will play the backcourt for us offensively and pick up opposing centers defensively and Kerby is an excellent defender,” he said. “We’ve also picked up tough guy John Ferriols. So we feel we’re okay up front.”

Source: Joaquin Henson,

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Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados vs Barako bull Result (tune up games)

As of September 24, Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados is looking good on their new coach and new system against the Barako Bulls. The Llamados won over Barako Bull Energy  83-70.

BARAKO BULL HEAD PAUL CHUA: Nangangapa pa BMEG sa triangle. Pero nira run talaga nila. Saka maganda nilaro nila sa individual skills. ung team naman namin kulang pa sa chemistry and depensa. We'll work on that. Wala pa naman sina SEIGLE, ALLADO etc

RICO MAIERHOFER played but didn;t score instead nag focus siya sa paghila ng rebounds. More than 10 daw boards niya


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Mark Borboran may play in Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados in the PBA

According to the source, The Derby Ace Llamados basketball team have one more spot left to complete their final roster. Tim Cone and the entire B-meg will be glad to have a service of a wingman who knows the triangle very well. 

Governor Rene Pardo said ,


 Nangako kasi si COACH TIM CONE na hindi siya kukuha ng existing players ng ALASKA. Kaya kung bibitawan  si MARK BORBORAN, saka lang.
Pag hindi pinapirma ng ALASKA si MARK BORBORAN. Pwedeng kunin namin iyan.

ngayong nandito na si Coach Tim, iniisip nila, baka nga pwede silang mag-Grand Slam.-Alvin Patrimonio

B-MEG team manager and Purefoods legend Alvin Patrimonio can't help but smile during his squad's practice. InterAKTV/Jaemark Tordecilla

For most of the past 23 years, Alvin Patrimonio has been the face of the Purefoods franchise.
These days, a smile has been indelible on that face, thanks in large part to the entry of legendary coach Tim Cone into the B-MEG Llamados fold.
“Parang nabuhayan ang team,” said Patrimonio, who now serves as team manager of the only franchise he played for in his 17-year career. “Ang taas ng morale nila.”
Patrimonio, a four-time Most Valuable Player who remains one of the most popular personalities in Philippine basketball, was initially taken by surprise by the news that Tim Cone was leaving Alaska.
“He was with Alaska for 22 years, and I didn’t think he would leave,” said Patrimonio. “I mean, imagine mo ako kung umalis ako ng Purefoods, I’ve been here for 23 years — more than half my life.”
“But I guess he wanted to try something new, he wanted a new challenge.”
Adjusting to the triangle
For the first couple of weeks of practice, Cone is taking the team through a series of drills to introduce them to the triangle offense. The coach said that while he has an idea of how to use star players like James Yap or Kerby Raymundo in the system, he would still need them to get familiar with the offense first.
“The problem with a team that’s been together this long is that they have some habits that we need to break,” said the former Alaska coach, referring to his veteran crew which include two-time PBA Most Valuable Player Yap, Raymundo, Marc Pingris, Peter June Simon, and Roger Yap — the core of a team which was won two Philippine Cup titles in three all-Filipino finals appearances.
“Historically, this team has been in the bottom three of the league in assists — it’s a one-on-one, isolation team. Alaska, meanwhile, was always in the top three of the league in assists.”
While talking about Cone joining B-MEG, Patrimonio sounded less like a manager in charge of basketball operations, and more like a giddy father excited about the prospect of his kids playing for the highly-regarded coach.
“Si James, nanonood naman ‘yan ng mga laro ng Los Angeles Lakers o kahit ng Chicago Bulls noon,” said Patrimonio, referring to the legendary teams coached by Phil Jackson who, like Cone, also ran the triangle offense. “He can play the Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan role.”
“Tapos si Roger Yap, pwedeng magbaba ng bola, pwedeng dumepensa, parang si Scottie Pippen. Si Pingris can play the role of Dennis Rodman.”
Patrimonio believes it’s the duty of the players to adjust to the system. Having played for ten different coaches in his career, he knows whereof he speaks.
“Kahit ang mga star, dapat mag-adjust,” said Patrimonio. “Dapat i-submit niya ang sarili niya sa system para maging successful.”
Cone, for his part, still knows where his bread is buttered when it came to the offensive end.
“James will still be the focal point of the offense, along with Kerby, of course,” he said. “But with the triangle, we’ll allow James to pick his spots and not to work so hard to get his shots.”
Members of B-MEG take in every word new coach Tim Cone says during their training sessions. InterAKTV/Jaemark Tordecilla
Centennial Team memories
Patrimonio sees parallels to 1998 when, having been tapped by Cone to be part of the Centennial Team, the forward had to adjust to the equal-opportunity triangle offense instead of the familiar isolation plays that Purefoods ran for him.
“Ako nga, I was already a four-time MVP, but I had to adjust to Coach Tim,” he said. “I was actually excited to learn from him [when I joined the Centennial Team].”
Patrimonio’s experience with the national team in 1998 gives him deeper insight about what a star player needs to undergo when playing in the triangle.
“You need to be very smart. Actually, you need to use all of your basketball smarts, to read defenses. At saka kailangan, unselfish ka. But it’s a great system.”
Keeping with the Centennial theme is the reunion of former Alaska stalwarts Johnny Abarrientos and Jeffrey Cariaso, who have been tapped as assistant coaches by Cone.
“Nakasama ko rin sila noon sa Centennial Team, kaya masaya,” said Patrimonio of the two members of the staff. “They’ll be able to help the guys adjust faster to the system.”
“Plus, sino ba naman ang hindi ma-i-inspire sa drills sa practice, kung ang nagpapasa sa ‘yo ng bola, si the Flying A?”
Beyond the triangle
While most casual fans know Cone for his devotion to the triangle offense, basketball insiders are quick to point out that what makes the American mentor a special coach is his painstaking dedication to the defensive end.
“Most people say that I’m a triangle coach, but that’s not correct,” said Cone. “I am a defensive coach.”
“The plan is to get the players familiar with the triangle offense for the first couple of weeks, then when they know enough, we’ll put that aside. Then we’ll work on our defense.”
Patrimonio, the most dangerous low-post beast in the PBA during his heyday, knows firsthand just how lethal Cone’s schemes are on the defensive end.
“Ang ginagawa niya sa akin dati, first three quarters, lax ang defense, so syempre, gagawa ako,” Patrimonio related, mimicking his textbook perfect jumpshot as he told the story. “Yun pala, mauubusan ka pag ganun. Tapos fourth quarter, biglang magta-tighten yung defense ng Alaska.”
He said that he’s excited to see what Cone can bring to the Purefoods franchise on both ends of the floor. And the B-MEG players, he said, feel the same way too.
“Tingnan mo sila,” Patrimonio said, pointing to the visible spring in the step of the Llamados players as they went through Cone’s triangle drills. “Tingnan mo yung mga mukha nila.”
“Iniisip ng mga ‘yan, pwede na ulit mangarap. At the back of their minds, ngayong nandito na si Coach Tim, iniisip nila, baka nga pwede silang mag-Grand Slam.”

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

“This is about winning multiple championships in the future.”, Tim Cone Said While Coaching Bmeg

“I could really use a core that understands the offense right now,” said new B-Meg coach Tim Cone with a laugh.
More than two decades after he started, here he was at the beginning anew. Teaching the rudiments and intricacies of the triangle offense again. Blowing the whistle on the slightest error and patiently explaining every option, every nuance, helping his new team flesh out the Xs and Os of his system.

It was worse on his first day. In front of every significant official from San Miguel Corp., Cone, recalling how “surreal and pressure-filled” it felt to be in a new organization for the first time since 1992, tried to get his new players to run a little triangle.
“And I went ‘Woah! We’ve got a lot of work to do,’” Cone said.
But this is exactly what he signed up for when he ended a 22-season relationship with Alaska, one decked with 13 championship trophies—including the 1996 Grand Slam, the league’s last triple crown. He needed to shed himself of the monster he had created by daring himself to create an even bigger one.
“I really felt like I had reached my ceiling with Alaska,” said Cone.
With each passing season, no matter the outcome, Cone would always be compared to his 1990s version. Every championship victory with the Aces after that glorious run merited little surprise, every defeat questioned.
“I was battling my own legacy,” he said.
And so he sought out the opportunity to create a new one, the chance to start fresh without every failure magnified, every success shrugged off.
“Maybe it’s mid-life crisis,” said the 53-year-old mentor. “But I really felt I needed a different situation. I wanted to perk myself up. After 22 years, I felt now was the right time for me to make such a move.
“At some point in your life, you really want to see if you can do something different.”
From scratch
He needed to dare himself to move out of his comfort zone and see if he had what it took to start from scratch and guide a team to the top. Never mind that B-Meg has, on paper, one of the best collection of talents in the league today. For a coach whose basketball blueprint must define a ballclub, this is scratch.
“When I was at Alaska, we still ran the fundamentals and practiced them every day,” he said. “But there, I had a core that understood the system. Here, I don’t even have the coaching staff that fully understands my system or who knows how to run the triangle the way I do.”
Help will come soon. Johnny Abarrientos, the key to the Alaska engine during that dominant 90s stretch, will join Cone’s coaching staff after his commitment with Far Eastern U in the UAAP. Jeffrey Cariaso, who also lives and breathes the triangle, is arriving from the United States on Friday to serve as one of Cone’s deputies.
But for now, Cone is laying down the foundation of his team’s offense brick by brick. The tailend of B-Meg’s practice was spent exploiting every available opportunity the triangle presents—from the first open shot down to the offensive putbacks it allows.

Photo by Francis Ochoa/InquirerSports
“Listen guys. From here,” he tells big men Joe Devance, Rico Maierhofer and Rafi Reavis, pointing to the freethrow line’s elbow, “it’ll be very hard for opponents to box you out.”
Follow your shots, he coaxes them.
When an option goes unexplored, Cone doesn’t hesitate to stop a scrimmage mid-play to explain how the players can peel away from the defense better. He’ll stop a drill to teach them how to make the right pass to a cutter.
Rather than complain at being taught what should be elementary stuff for a bunch of pros, the Llamados soak in every word, every piece of advice.
“Right now, I’m just trying to inculcate the culture to a whole new group of guys and trying to find out for myself how fast I can do it,” said Cone.
Alaska took a season to master the triangle. Cone started teaching it to the Aces in 1993. Coincidentally, that was their worst year in the Cone era.
“I hope it doesn’t happen here,” he joked.
Cone’s goals are simple for now. He feels no sense of urgency—yet—to turn B-Meg into an overnight dynasty. He just wants the Llamados to be the apple of the eye of San Miguel Corp.
“Right now, we want to beat Petron and Ginebra,” he said. “They’re the prized jewels of SMC and if we become better than them, we should be able to compete against the best in the league. We should be able to compete against the likes of Talk ‘N Text.”
And then, of course, there is that little thing about finally putting closure to the Alaska chapter of his career. Cone sifted through all the rumors that filled sports pages and online sites and was amazed at everything that had been written.
He said, though, that none of the rumors were true. When he announced his departure from Alaska, he hadn’t signed up with any team, nor had he agreed verbally with any squad. He listened to every available offer, the challenge each offer presented, before picking B-Meg.
“Bottomline is SMC had the No. 1 vision for me,” said Cone. “What they offered was a chance for me to also become part of the corporate structure and get myself involved with different sports, not just basketball.
“Money wasn’t an issue at all.”
But all that doesn’t assuage the Alaska pain. Especially that of team owner Wilfred Steve Uytengsu. Uytengsu and Cone weren’t just a paradigm for winning the right way, they were often the league’s moral compass in the thorniest issues it faced.
“I understand that he was hurt,” Cone said of his former boss. “He had that vision of me riding into the sunset with Alaska and I kinda screwed up that vision.”
But he’s not making anything out of it, or of the October 12 playdate when the Llamados and the Aces collide in an expectantly charged atmosphere.
More than two decades after his PBA start, Cone is back in the beginning, teaching again, laying foundations again. It would be infantile to think he’d go through all that for just one game.
“I’m not about one game. This is not even about winning just one championship,” he said. “This is about winning multiple championships in the future.”

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Bmeg Derby Ace llamados New Player, Welcome To The Team John Ferriols

According to Gov. Pardo From Ronald Sernadilla Tuazon of BMEG DAL Online Page

John Ferriols will be joining BMEG since he is very familiar with the triangle. Acuna and Gaco will complete our 14 man roster.

Know more about John Ferriols

• Name: Hubert John B. Ferriols
• Nickname: Tisoy
• Position: Forward
• Height: 6′4″
• Birthday: September 9, 1974
• Birthplace: Cebu City
• Year Started: 2003
Player’s Profile:
A former star in the defunct MBA, Ferriols just could not get the right timing for his career to finally take off in the league. Playing in his third team in third season in the PBA could be a big distraction to this Davao City-born cager but still managed to find ways to be useful to the teams that he has played with. He started his career with Air21 then spent one conference with Talk N Text last season.
In Alaska, the 6′4 southpaw forward continued to play the back-up role for the team, playing 27 games in the Philippine Cup and starting only once but had games that helped the team in carrying the offensive thrust. Last season, the 32-year old Ferriols averaged 5.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in 60 games while shooting almost 40 percent from the perimeter. Coach Tim Cone said that Ferriols will play a bigger role in the coming season.

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B-meg Derby Ace Llamados Schedules on the 37th Season of the PBA

Here are the complete list of the schedules of Bmeg's games in the 37th season of the PBA.Including the date, time, opponents and the venue of the game.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

100 percent sure, Tim Cone is now Bmeg Derby Ace llamados New Head Coach

Success comes in all shapes and sizes. But for the B-MEG Llamados, it might just come in a shape of a triangle.

Tim Cone appeared at the B-MEG Llamados practice Wednesday and was introduced as the new head coach. He brings along former Alaska players Johnny Abarrientos and Jeffrey Cariaso as assistant coaches. The two new assistant coaches will be joined by current assistant coach Koy Banal.

Former acting head coach Richard del Rosario, who confirmed the news to GMA News Online, will slide back to the other assistant coaching spot. Del Rosario, who is the current coach of the College of St. Benilde Blazers in the NCAA and the PC Gilmore Wizards in the PBA D-League, replaced Jorge Gallent as the Llamados' acting head coach two weeks ago.

Gallent will now head over to either of the two San Miguel Corporation (SMC) teams (Ginebra or Petron), while assistant coach Art dela Cruz will move to Ginebra.

Cone found a new home within the SMC group in the PBA just two weeks after leaving the Alaska Aces. His acceptance of the head coaching job with the Llamados means that the team will now be adopting the triangle offense that he popularized in the country.

The American has started to direct practice for the Llamados Wednesday. To catch up, Cone has the team practicing twice a day in preparation for the All Filipino Cup.

The triangle offense yielded championships for teams like the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA through coach Phil Jackson and assistant coach Tex Winter, who learned it as a player for the University of Southern California Trojans coach Sam Barry.

In the Philippines, Cone used the triangle offense with the Alaska Aces, which resulted to 13 titles and a grand slam in 1996.
Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados Lineup 

B-Meg is coming forward in the Philippine Cup with a lineup featuring James Yap, Joe De Vance, P. J. Simon, Raymundo, Pingris, Maierhofer, Roger Yap, Reavis, Josh Urbiztondo and Barroca. Villanueva is still healing while Gaco, Acuna and possibly Adducul will be back in a reserve capacity. Any way you look at it, the roster is championship-caliber and whoever is finally named head coach will take over a team ready to contend for the title.

Source: Renee Fopalan, JVP, GMAews.TV

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Former Bmeg Player, Rommel "the General " Adducul will play 1 more year as Tiger

The 6-foot-6 journeyman’s career will be revived by a new team which expressed interest in his services – the Powerade Tigers.

The general’s last stand?

JB Baylon, Powerade’s board governor and current PBA Board vice chairman, confirmed to InterAKTV that they will finalize a deal with Adducul on Wednesday.

“He’s going to sign a one-year contract with us,” said Baylon in an online interview.

“In effect, we’re getting Adducul to address our immediate need for a big guy.”

A proven winner, Adducul had collected championships from almost every team he played for – from the San Sebastian Stags in the NCAA, the all-amateur national team, the Manila Metrostars in the now defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association, the Welcoat Painters in the PBL to the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings and the Purefoods Tender Juicy Giants in the PBA,

Adducul will try to restore a career that was slowed down by a shocking ailment – a bout against throat cancer that was discovered a few years ago.

But Powerade is one team willing to give the player another chance and the lack of big men in the squad will give Adducul a good opportunity to prove his worth.

Mark Barroca Signed Bmeg's Contract

According to Snow Badua's twit, the sharp shooting point guard Mark Barroca of Smart Gilas Pilipinas  already signed a contract to Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados Courtesy of 4 time MVP Alvin Patrimonio (legend in Philippine Basketball)

MARK BARROCA is now a full-pledged BMEG LLAMADO. He already signed the dotted line. Good luck, BAROK.

To let you know how BMEG is eager to have MARK BARROCA's signature on the contract--- CAP ALVIN PATRIMONIO personally delivered the docu

MARK BARROCA's contract was signed a few minutes ago at a famous coffee shop in CONGRESSIONAl. Just near my place and RUSELLE ALINEA's abode

MARK BARROCA: nagulat ako kasi si CAP ALVIN pa ang nagdala. Hindi ko alam na ganun pala kasarap mag-alaga ang BMEG.
- Snow Badua (via twitter)

Welcome barroca to the team

Is it True That Tim Cone Will be B-meg's Coach

A highly-placed source who requested anonymity told InterAKTV that Cone and the Llamados have resumed negotiations shortly after the veteran mentor returned from a short vacation in Guam.

Tim Cone, the winningest among active coaches in the PBA, is close to bringing his famed triangle offense to the B-MEG Llamados.

“Yes, there’s a negotiation and they’re close to reaching an agreement that would make Tim Cone as coach of B-Meg,” the source wrote in a text message. “They’re hoping to finalize the details in a day or two.”
But another source privy to the discussion said that it’s not yet clear what Cone’s function will be when he joins the team.
“They’re still talking whether Coach Tim will coach right away or play the role as consultant for awhile,” said the second source. “But that should be finalized soon as they’ve already resumed talks.”
Cone coached the Alaska Aces for 22 years, leading the team to 13 championships and the last triple crown in the PBA in 1996. His departure from Alaska was announced earlier this month, with Cone asking for his release saying he wanted to do something different. The coach had two years remaining on his contract with the Aces.
The American tactician’s name has been linked to various high-profile coaching jobs, including that of B-MEG and of the De La Salle Green Archers in the UAAP.
The Llamados’ coaching situation, meanwhile, has also been in flux. Former coach Jorge Gallent was demoted to an assistant, while Richard del Rosario was named acting head coach.
Del Rosario, who currently coaches College of St. Benilde in the NCAA, said that while he had been informed verbally by B-MEG management of his appointment, he still doesn’t know the terms of his new designation.
“Until now, I still don’t know what would be my role with B-MEG is, but I’m already tasked to running the practices for several days now,” said Del Rosario.
He said he is aware of the rumors that Cone just might end up taking over his spot.
“I’ve been hearing a lot of speculations and reading unconfirmed reports that Coach Tim is going to join B-MEG,” said Del Rosario, who played briefly for Cone before the end of the former’s PBA career. “If it’s true, that would be okay with me.”

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First PBA Player May Earn More than 350,000 PHP a Month, Bmeg's Kerby Raymundo

KERBY Raymundo may become the first PBA player in 10 years to earn more than P350,000 a month. B-Meg’s do-it-all forward-center has yet to ink a new deal and could avail of the league’s recently-approved monthly pay hike should management agree.

"Pag-uusapan namin ng husto iyan," said Rene Pardo, the Llamados’ representative to the PBA board and the league’s immediate past chairman.

Last Thursday, the PBA governors approved a 20 percent increase in the monthly pay of players, raising the maximum salary from P350,000 to P420,000 monthly.

The board, however, clarified it’s up to the teams and the players to reach an agreement. That is where Raymundo may find his bid to the special niche blocked.

The 30-year-old Orani, Bataan native has virtually not seen action the last two seasons due to an assortment of hip and groin injuries. He returned in the closing stages of the mid-season Commissioner’s Cup last March but missed the entire Governors Cup due to a pre-tournament third-degree sprain.

"Iyon ang tingin ko magiging problema niya dahil palagi siyang injured," said Pardo, who also acts as consultant to team manager Alvin Patrimonio.

Raymundo was among the 15 players earning the league maximum before his contract expired last August. The others were James Yap and Joe Devance, Talk N Text’s Kelly Williams and Ranidel de Ocampo, Meralco’s Asi Taulava and Reynel Hugnatan, Ginebra’s Mark Caguioa, Air21’s Danny Seigle, Alaska’s Sonny Thoss, Tony De La Cruz, JR Reyes and LA Tenorio, Powerade’s Gary David, and Rain or Shine’s Gabe Norwood.

Raymundo has been seeking treatment in the United States and was set to return on Sept. 22. But he surprised everybody by returning home last Wednesday, eager to start practicing anew with his ballclub in anticipation of the coming season that starts Oct. 2.

Source: NOLI CORTEZ, Business Insight Malaya

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados Lineup in 37th Season of PBA (unofficial)

Here are the un official list of Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados line up in the upcoming 37th season of the PBA according to Gov. Rene Pardo .

BMEG Gov. Rene Pardo:

We now have 15 players in the team:
Our big men; Raymundo, Pingris, Reavis , De Vance , Maierhofer, Gaco & Adducul

Backcourt; James, Simon, Roger, Barroca, Villanueva, Urbiztondo, Acuna & Fernandez

Those without signed contracts yet as of today are; raymundo, Urbiztondo , adducul, Fernandez and Acuna.

Also Barroca Who is now officially with us, since the trade was approved by Com. Salud

Friday, September 9, 2011

PBA version of Hanamichi Sakuragi, Mark Pingris of B-meg Derby Ace Llamados

Hanamichi Sakuragi is the leading character in a popular anime “slamdunk”.Known from his incredible athleticity, this anime character athletic ability is compared to one of the most atheltic player in the PBA, B-megs Derby Ace Llamados, Mark Pingris.

Pingris started his playing years with the Philippine School of Business Administration's (PSBA) varsity basketball squad. However, due to the fact that PSBA belongs to a league overshadowed by the more popular collegiate leagues such as the UAAP and the NCAA, only a few noticed Pingris inspiring play.
At 6-foot-4, Pingris plays both forward positions as well as the center position. He is noted for his aggressiveness in rebounding, hustle and his ferocious one-on-one defensive plays usually aimed at the opposing team's top honcho.
Pingris also played in various leagues like the Philippine Basketball League (PBL,) the premier amateur basketball league in the Philippines and the Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA,) a league once considered as the top rival of the PBA. During his stint in the PBL, Pingris suited up for the Welcoat Franchise.
During the 2004 PBA draft, Pingris was selected by the Fedex Express as the third overall pick of the said draft ahead the likes of scoring ace Gary David, versatile bigman Ranidel de Ocampo and towering center Sonny Thoss.
In his rookie year playing for Fedex, Pingris played meager minutes but was still able to produce decent numbers. Hence, upon being traded to Purefoods, Pingris game blossomed as he became the "defense minister" playing back-up to established stars James Yap and Kerby Raymundo.
Pingris won the 2005-2006 Philippine Cup Finals MVP along with a Mythical Second Team Selection, Most Improved Player and the Defensive Player of the Year awards during that same year.

Sakuragi and Pingris in common
hustle player

shot blocker

Best in rebounds "hari ng rebound"

Goodluck to Mark  Pingris and the Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados for their campaign in 37th season of PBA

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alvin Patrimonio of B-meg Derby Ace Llamados Retro Jersey Released as a Recognition for Being One of the 25 PBA Greatest Player

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) turns back the hands of time as it formally launches retro jerseys featuring the 25 Greatest Players in its long, rich history. A special cocktail will be held to launch the much-awaited product presented by Robinsons Sports Loop and Robinsons Mall.

Some of the players named among the greatest during the PBA’s first 25 years are expected to grace the Sept. 23 event that starts at 4 p.m. Heading the list of the league’s greatest 25 are the Living Legend Robert Jaworski, who’s famous for his no. 7 jersey, Alvin Patrimonio and his ever popular no. 16 uniform, Allan Caidic and his legendary no. 8 shirt, ditto withSamboy Lim (#9), Atoy Co (#6) and Philip Cezar (#18). “This project is sort of a tribute to our past stars.

The growth of the PBA is largely the fruit of their love and passion for the game of basketball,” said PBA Commissioner Chito Salud. PBA Properties Inc. has been receiving lots of emails here and abroad clamoring for retro jerseys, according to Rhose G. Montreal, Licensing and Special Projects manager of the league. The rest of the greatest roster named during the league’s silver anniversary in 2000, are multiple MVPs Ramon Fernandez, Bogs Adornado, Benjie Paras and Abet Guidaben, Johnny Abarrientos, Francis Arnaiz, Ricky Brown, Hector Calma, Manny Paner, Lim Eng Beng, Danny Florencio, Freddie Hubalde, Bernie Fabiosa, Ronnie Magsanoc, Jojo Lastimosa, Renato Agustin, Jerry Codinera, Vergel Meneses, and Kenneth Duremdes.

After its launching, the retro jerseys will be made available thru online stores Jersey Haven and PBA Online Store, and at Titan Sports. The project marks the fourth partnership forged between the PBA and Robinsons for the coming season. The Annual Rookie Draft was recently held at the Midtown of Robinsons Place Manila.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados Mark Barroca and The Improved Smart Gilas Pilipinas Will Battle Qatar

MANILA— B-Meg's new acquisition Mark Andy Barroca and the Smart Gilas Pilipinas battles Qatar Thursday night hoping to get new players to familiarize themselves with the national team’s system.
Game time is 7 the Filoil Flying V Arena.

Head coach Rajko Toroman is using the friendlies against Qatar and later Jordan to get guard Jimmy Alapag and power forwards Kelly Williams and Ranidel De Ocampo into the Gilas groove.
It is the first stint for the three Talk ‘N Text stars in a competitive atmosphere with the national squad.
Jordan plays Qatar tomorrow while Smart Gilas takes a break before facing the Jordanians on Saturday and Qatar again on Sunday.
“These three international games with them (Alapag, Williams and De Ocampo) are not enough. But we cannot play if they don’t know the system,” said Toroman.
“Before, we were talking about seven or eight games with them, but it’s almost impossible now to do it,” Toroman added.
The Nationals leave for Wuhan, China on September 13 to compete in the Fiba Asia Championship, which stakes a continental spot for next year’s London Olympics.
Bracketed in Group D, the Filipinos open their bid on September 15 against UAE before facing host China and Bahrain the next two days.
“We won and lost against Qatar in previous games. But we lost in the important ones,” said team skipper Chris Tiu.
Smart Gilas brought the taller and more athletic Qatari to their knees in the group stages of last year’s Guangzhou Asian Games only to fall short in the battle for fifth against the same squad.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tim Cone Plans For B-meg

James Yap playing the Kobe Bryant role in Tim Cone’s triangle offense?
After parting ways with Alaska last week after 22 years, Tim Cone’s name has been linked by the rumor mills to the B-MEG Llamados.

On Monday, the 13-time PBA champion strongly denied that he has a deal to take over the B-MEG coaching job. Last week, former assistant coach Richard del Rosario was appointed acting head coach of the squad.

“No one from B-MEG management has contacted me,” Cone told InterAKTV in a telephone interview. “It’s just rumors from the grapevine.”

“I feel like I’m in limbo at this point. Hopefully, I can find something quickly to keep me busy. I’ve asked for my release so I can go on a different direction, but nothing is imminent for me at this stage.”
But while he said that he’s still uncertain about his future, Cone is sure about one thing: he’s taking the triangle offense wherever he lands.

The offensive system became prominent in the NBA after being installed by Phil Jackson for the Chicago Bulls and later, the Los Angeles Lakers. Cone mastered the offense by videotaping broadcasts of Bulls games in the early ’90s and painstakingly charting the system.

The triangle offense became a trademark of Cone’s Alaska dynasty in the 1990s. The team won 10 titles during the decade, including a Grand Slam in 1996, while mainly running the offensive system.

With his faith in and knowledge of the triangle offense, Cone was able to strike up a friendship with Tex Winter, an assistant to Jackson and the original architect of the system.

While things around him are in flux, the triangle offense will serve as the constant for Cone.

“Me and the triangle are inseparable,” he said. “The triangle is very much in my DNA.”

“So I’m definite to bring the triangle with me for the team which will get my services because I’m at my best coaching when I run the triangle.”

Mark Barroca Will Now Officialy Wear a Bmeg Derby Ace Llamados Jersey

MANILA, Philippines – B-Meg, Barako Bull and Shopinas entered into a three-way trade deal today involving four players that they hope would fill their respective needs.

The Llamados beefed up their backcourt with their acquisition of Mark Barroca, the Energy strengthened their frontcourt with their recruitment of Don Allado while the Clickers got an added wing personnel in Elmer Espiritu

Shopinas also got a rookie center in Bryan Ilad while giving away Barroca plus a future draft pick.

Barroca, a Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas mainstay, is more needed at B-Meg since the Llamados are badly undermanned at the backcourt, particularly the point position.

B-Meg can well afford to give away Allado while the team is set to welcome the return of Rico Maierhofer, Rafi Reavis and Kerby Raymundo.

The three teams are convinced they’ve got a fair trade that would get the approval of league commissioner Chito Salud.

Meralco, Talk n Text and Powerade had their own trade deal earlier.

The Bolts acquired Mark Macapagal, Chico Lanete and Mark Yee while giving away Ogie Menor to Powerade and Shawn Weinstein and Bam Gamalinda to Talk n Text.

Meralco has released Marlou Aquino and Renren Ritualo who might end up with Shopinas.

Asi Taulava signed a one-year contract-extension deal with Meralco although he’s still serving duty with Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas.

Sol Mercado got a fresh three-year pact while rookie draftee Jason Ballesteros inked a two-year contract.

Before joining Smart Gilas Pilipinas in its Fiba Asia campaign, coach Ryan Gregorio also gave his nod on Mark Isip, Yousif Aljamal, free agent Bryan Faundo and rookie Gilbert Bulawan.

Still trying out for a spot in the team are Borgy Hermida and Chris Timberlake 

Source: Nelson Beltran,