Tuesday, February 14, 2012

JC Intal And Kerby Raymundo Stats on their Debut Games

JC Intal and Kerby Raymundo both involved in the recent trade had their game debuts for their new teams.

Ginebra vs Petron – Ginebra won 84-82
Kerby Raymundo Ginebra debut
10 points and 6 rebounds
-5/16 from the field
-No Free throw attempt
-3 turnovers
-Played 31 minutes

B-Meg vs Meralco – B-Meg won 96-93
JC Intal B-Meg Debut
-10 points and 6 rebounds
-4/6 from the field
-2/2 from the Free throw line
-1 turnover
-Played 15 minutes only due to an injury

JC Intal injury update:
(JC Intal @jcintal6 Tweet: “Just got home from cardinal santos. Nothing serious guys. I just have to rest and ice it. Thank u for all ur tweets. Good win tonight B-Meg.”)

(Bianca Gonzales @iamsuperbianca Tweet: “jc just had an x-ray and there’s a dent on the bone of his ribs, he will have to rest, but he’s okay. hope he gets well soonest.”)

Now, let’s move on from this trade. Congrats B-Meg and get well JC!

source : purefoodsbasketball.com

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